Ever so often, I’m reminded that I really do love teaching because it’s just so different from all other occupations. As painful as they are to organise, events like Sports Day, Annual Camps and Career Day all make the job that much more interesting and fun. And being able to witness all the excitement and camaraderie displayed by the students, one just can’t help feeling a sense of satisfaction. Because at the end of the day, their smiles are an affirmation that all that shit? Was worth it.

Oh, and might I add, tug-of-war is officially the funnest sport/game ever. It’s something I look forward to each year and I was completely bitter when I wasn’t able to participate last year, no thanks to my official duty as an emcee. This year, I made sure I didn’t miss out, so as soon as I saw that my emcee booth was well-manned by the students and my partner, I skipped down to the field to help pull my House to victory. :) Of course, I’d like to think that my being there helped us to win but truth is, we’ve won for 3 years running. So yeah, we may not always win the overall champion trophy, but this one is gonna be ours to own, for a long, long time.

Funny how I don’t remember enjoying Sports Day as much when I was a student.



October 25, 2009 · 1 comment

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The big game of the season is starting in less than 30 minutes, and I’m all decked out in my jersey and even got my scarf beside me. It’s not much, but it’s as much support as I can show from where I am, thousands of miles from Anfield.

My lads have had a crappy start this season. It’s gotten me frustrated, annoyed, and almost resigned to the fact that we’d probably end up 3rd in the league, at the very best. I’ve even joked about swearing off football altogether and focusing on rugby instead. Alas, I know I won’t be able to tear myself away from Liverpool. It is my club. My one true love. No matter how badly they play, and no matter what position they end up in, I know my support for them will never cease. And that’s just what I love about sports. It gives you an indescribable sense of loyalty, one that comes from a pride that only sports fans can understand. And it’s all perfectly summed up in Liverpool’s awesome motto – You’ll Never Walk Alone.

So we have not won the title in many years. And we won’t win the title this season, or maybe even the next. But I know that we will, eventually. And when my captain lifts that silverware, that moment is going to be so freakin’ sweet.

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