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July 6, 2011 · 3 comments

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‘Twas certainly a busy day for me. After work, I grabbed a late lunch with my colleagues, bought more craft supplies from Urban Write, did a few laps in the pool, rushed home to see Queensland win SIX IN A ROW, had dinner and worked on my tiny project. No wonder I’m feeling a little knackered right now.

As simple as it is, I’m quite liking how my name turned out. Can’t wait to put it up at my desk tomorrow. :)

I first traced the letters onto some fancy scrapbooking paper and cut them out.

After which, I filled each letter with plenty of double-sided tape, and pasted the paper onto it.

I then used sandpaper to smoothen out the edges.

Finally, I applied Mod Podge to each letter.

And here it is! A very easy project completed within an hour. :)

Now, allow me to bask in the glory and pride of being an adopted Queenslander because… SIX IN A ROW, BABY! SIX IN A ROW!!!

. . . . .

Song of the Day, mostly because they’re from Queensland! :p

My Happiness, by Powderfinger


Last night, as the family and I gathered round the TV to watch the Opening Ceremony of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, I couldn’t help feeling a great sense of pride as I watched my home country revel in this historic moment.

While we may never have the capacity to host the actual Olympic Games, I truly feel that the YOG is as good as it gets. For a country as young as we are, hosting the YOG couldn’t be more fitting.

We’ve certainly come a long way since our days of old, and I think the Opening Ceremony was very eager to show the world how much Singapore has progressed. It was a very spectacular display – set on a floating platform, no less – with a barrage of fireworks, complete with a freakin’ REFLECTION POOL, which seriously? Made everything a lot more pretty than I ever dreamed possible. Already, I have a great fondness for the Float@Marina Bay, especially with the gorgeous Singapore skyline as it’s backdrop. But now that there’s a reflection pool, I’m gonna expect all future creative/show directors to incorporate that every National Day Parade.

Of course I do have some criticisms about the Opening Ceremony: I didn’t feel like there was a tight connection between acts; that “monster” could have been less juvenile-looking (these are teenagers after all, not children); and many flag bearers’ inability to follow their corresponding delegates (while admittedly very laughable) clearly indicated the lack of direction. Nonetheless, I loved that students were so involved in this. It is, after all, the Games for the youth. And even though many of them can’t participate in the actual Games, being a part of this certainly comes close.

Speaking of which, I’m still baffled by the Ministry of Education’s decision to NOT let the students go on an official break during this period. There’s really no better time for sports to be promoted in schools than this, so why stifle their potential interest? So 13 days may seem too long. But the Ministry could always take a more structured approach by allocating specific schedules to the schools so the students get to watch at least one or two competitions. Then again, perhaps I’m not seeing the possible repercussions. I mean, there’s a reason why I’m no government official, right?

It’s funny how I was very emotionally uninvolved in the YOG before this. But after watching the Opening Ceremony, my interest has definitely been piqued and now, I can’t wait to find pockets of time so I can catch some of the Games. And I hope, in all honesty, as the Flame sitting atop that gorgeous lighthouse cauldron (LOVE the idea, by the way) continues to flicker over the 13 days, it will further establish this tiny but significant island as that metaphorical beacon it so wishes to become.

Check out more photos from the Opening Ceremony here.


Just a note about Liverpool this season.

I’ve been trying my best to ignore the dismal reality of my team’s performance. I’ve continued to remain hopeful for good things to happen to the club, but somewhere in February or March of 2010, I just knew I had to get out of my state of denial. It’s not something I’m proud of, but at that point of time, I started growing nonchalant, and started setting low expectations. A draw would be enough, I’d tell myself, especially if they’re playing a “bigger” club. I’d only get myself up in arms if my boys came away defeated at a match that they should’ve otherwise easily won. After all, on paper, playing against one of the “smaller” clubs was supposed to be a walk in the park, not to sound complacent. But, on paper, there’s simply no reason for the team to perform so poorly.

Many have attributed this debacle to the sale of Alonso. As much as I love that man, and was admittedly very, very crushed to see him leave, I never believed his departure to be the cause of such a massive impact. After all, isn’t football a team sport? How is it possible for one absent player to cause so much damage? Instead, my finger was pointing at the manager and the club’s owners. I believed that it was a combination of a major lack of player development, team cohesion and financial support that was doing us in. And after reading this article that triggered this rant, I’m even more convinced now that Benitez has to go. Because quite frankly, I see him as one of the proverbial rotten apples who has contaminated the entire basket of apples.

I will not dismiss his successes with the club, and I’m grateful for the silverware he’s helped to bring home. But I do believe that Benitez is not a good fit. We must acknowledge his strengths and the fact that he has brought in a good number of valuable players, however I do not believe that his yin has necessarily meshed well with Liverpool’s yang. I also do not blame him entirely because he made it very open about the constraints he had in managing the club. As for Liverpool’s two public enemies, I think of it as two Americans who made an investment that didn’t pan out as ideally as they’d hope and unfortunately, we are now at the brunt of it. Thankfully, their departure is imminent. Although it will undoubtedly leave behind a big cloud of ash.

I’ll admit that Liverpool’s future does appear somewhat bleak and unless a superhero of a billionaire appears (such as Tony Stark, according to a friend), it may take more than a few years for the club to fully recover to its former glory. I also understand that I’ll continue to get frustrated with decisions/directions that I won’t ever comprehend, and I’m only putting myself through more disappointment and heartache. Nonetheless, I’m more than willing (especially now, more than ever) to stay true to my club’s motto and continue supporting them through this tumultuous ordeal. Yes, no matter how long it takes.

And yes, I’m passionate about Liverpool like that.

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