How do you like surprises?

Wait. Let me rephrase that.

How do you like receiving a box full of surprises?

I recently stumbled upon subscription boxes, and the way it works is that you pay a monthly fee and get a bunch of stuff that (more or less) cater to your interests.

The total retail value of the items is usually more than the cost of the subscription itself (including shipping fees). From beauty samples to geek gear to specialty food and children’s activities, subscription boxes are a great way to not only try a product before you commit to making that bigger purchase, but also to discover new brands and services.

Personally? I like the mystery and surprise it offers. It’s like unwrapping a Christmas gift (or three) every month! Even if I did have to pay for it myself. Heh.

So far, I’ve subscribed to 3 boxes: Fancy Box, Threaded Canvas, and (the one that first piqued my interest) Nerd Block.

But because those subscriptions don’t ship out until the end of the month or early July, I decided to get me a Fancy Mystery Medium Box for Women first. It’s a one-off purchase and is a perfect introduction for anyone who is considering jumping onto this subscription box bandwagon.

The Fancy Mystery Box comes in three sizes – Small (USD10), Medium (USD20) and Large (USD40) and is gender-specific.

My box came today, exactly one week after I made the purchase. The tracking information told me that it’ll be delivered tomorrow evening. So when the FedEx guy rang me on my mobile, telling me he was outside, I let out a customary girly squeal. :p

Fancy Mystery Box (Medium) June 2014

Luckily for me, I had already seen a couple of “unboxing” videos on YouTube (yes, they exist) so I knew that the box isn’t going to be filled to the brim. After all, it is important to manage one’s expectations, no?

Witness all the “fancy” filler:

Fancy Mystery Box (Medium) June 2014

And beneath it all, lie these :

Fancy Mystery Box (Medium) June 2014

I’m not gonna lie. The Mason Shaker (RRP USD29) caught my eye immediately.

fFancy Mystery Box (Medium) June 2014

I know of at least one person (you know who you are) who will snigger at this and think “of course she’ll love the cocktail shaker”. In my defence, you can’t deny that this is way cool.

Then there’s the Cyclone Spiral Hot Dog Slicer (RRP USD4.99), because – SLICE YOUR WIENER.

Fancy Mystery Box (Medium) June 2014

This is something I’d never voluntarily buy, but wouldn’t mind having if someone were to give it to me. So, score!

I’m not quite sure how the Sasquatch Soap (RRP USD6) ended up in a supposedly female-centric box when it’s a soap for men.

Fancy Mystery Box (Medium) June 2014

It smells soooo good though. Like how a man should smell after a shower. Mmmmm. Alas, no special man in my life, so this is going to my father.

Finally, we have a pair of Director’s Sunglasses by A.J. Morgan (RRP USD28).

Fancy Mystery Box (Medium) June 2014

I personally thought this was the least exciting item and was all ready to give it away… Until I tried it on and saw that it fit me so well. Keepers.

How does it all add up?

Fancy Medium Box USD20 + International Shipping USD19.95 = USD39.95

Total Retail Value: USD67.99

All in, this was a good first Mystery Box and I’m really happy with what I got. In fact, I may just get the Large one too, because why not? ;)

Fancy getting a box for yourself? Hur hur.


Stars in a Jar

November 22, 2012 · 3 comments

in Design, Etsy

Oh my gosh are these Star Jars gorgeous or what?!

Created by San Francisco-based photographer Sarah Palmer, these constellation lamps are upcycled/recycled glass jars that have been fitted with sheet aluminium that was hand-punched to resemble a constellation-like pattern when turned on. Each Star Jar is powered by a standard CR2032 battery with its own on/off switch, turning them into the perfect nightlight.

These Star Jars also come in yellow and green light, and there’s also a Moon Jar, if stars aren’t your thing? Each jar is made to order with an estimated 2-week delivery time in the US, so if you’re looking to purchase it as a Christmas gift (and what a lovely gift it’ll be!) and have it shipped internationally, you may want to place your order soon.

In case my hint wasn’t obvious enough, I’ll take the 4 oz jar, thankyouverymuch. ;)

. . . . .

Song of the Day

Digging Shelters, by Neil Halstead



October 4, 2012 · 2 comments

in Etsy, Style

I featured LeatherFun as one of my Saturday Selections last month and boy, do I have amazing things to say about this store. Completely enamoured, in particular by this one bag, I contacted the owner and asked if she could customise it in this vibrant green that I saw she had used for another bag. After a few very quick and very friendly exchanges (and all in the same day too), I found myself doing the PayPal checkout.

Ladies (and the few gentlemen who actually read this), please say hello to my new custom handmade bag.

Isn’t she lovely? :) And yes, that is my name imprinted on the back, with my font of choice.

I imagined the bag to be fairly well-made but I wasn’t quite expecting this sort of craftsmanship. The leather used truly is of a good quality (it passed my fingernail scratch test) and the bag is structured yet still soft to touch. It comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap, an inner zip pocket and another pocket for your mobile phone. All that functionality aside, LeatherFun also threw in a free coin purse, together with the mould that they used to imprint my name! What a way to make customers happy. ;)

My only complaint is that even though the bag was thoughtfully stuffed so it could maintain its shape, it was stuffed with shredded paper, of which many tiny pieces were stuck to the bag’s inner lining. I wasted about 15 minutes removing them with some masking tape. But I guess I didn’t mind it all too much because I was that happy with the bag. Heh.

If you’re on the lookout for a custom leather bag, be sure to head on over to LeatherFun. Prices range from USD114 for a small crossbody, to USD299 for a backpack.

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Song of the Day

Sherry, by Jersey Boys (Original Broadway Cast Recording)