June 25, 2012 · 2 comments

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Today, one of my students eagerly unwrapped his new Justin Bieber CD in front of me and I promptly gave him THAT LOOK. That ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU ARE A BOY AND YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THAT look.

I know. I know.

You judge me now for being a music snob, don’t you?

I honestly don’t know how I got this way. I’ve always considered myself to be rather fair and just; always quick to offer alternative perspectives and give people the benefit of doubt. But when it comes to music… some inexplicable thing takes over me and I can’t help criticising people’s choices.

And it’s not as if I don’t have my share of embarrassing CDs. I once voluntarily listened to Spice Girls and more than a few boybands.

Today, I listen to U2, Bon Iver, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Fiona Apple and the likes. And I know for a fact that someone is going to scoff at my musical choices. Which brings me to wonder, why are so many of us that quick to vilify others for having a different taste in music? Are we not also practising discrimination when we do that?

I guess judging someone based on what they listen to will never be as damaging as giving someone THAT LOOK when we find out their political slant, for instance. Yet, I can’t help thinking that it’s still a form of discrimination and y’know what? Suddenly, it no longer feels okay. And if you read my first paragraph carefully, you would’ve noticed that I had judged this student for being a boy who listens to Bieber. Now, in what universe is that wrong?

I know I’m no saint, but I’m trying to be a better person. Bear with me, will ya?

. . . . .

Song of the Day

Ordinary People, by John Legend


You know how some songs have this inexplicable ability to make you have all these feelings?

This is that song.


I’m feeling nostalgic this evening so here’s a playlist featuring some of the sappiest 80s easy listening tunes for you to either mock, or sing along to.

Laugh all you want… I am a child of the 80s after all. :p

Little Jeannie, by Elton John
It Might Be You, by Stephen Bishop
Stuck On You, by Lionel Richie
Holding Back The Years, by Simply Red
Foolish Heart, by Steve Perry
Through The Barricades, by Spandau Ballet
Fragile, by Sting
Sailing, by Christopher Cross
She’s Like The Wind, by Patrick Swayze
In Too Deep, by Genesis
Drive, by The Cars
Don’t Give Up, by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

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