You see that portion highlighted in yellow? I have a lot to say about that.

Firstly, I simply cannot believe that my Prime Minister has never seen the original Star Wars trilogy. How is this even possible? When the first film was released in 1977, he was 25. Yes, I checked. How did a man that age not get sucked in? Did none of his friends rave about it to him?

Now, I’d understand if he’s not a fan. After all, not everyone appreciates epic sci-fi/fantasy movies. Besides, “watching movies” isn’t listed as one of his interests on his Facebook page. But the man has actually seen Revenge of the Sith. Why would he suddenly decide to watch that particular one instead of the first film? Was he made to watch it because of some charity gala? When was the last time he even stepped into a cinema? And why hasn’t he watched the original trilogy following Episode III? Does he not want to find out what happened to Luke and Leia?

Then it got me thinking. Has he even seen Lord of the Rings? Does my Prime Minister even watch TV? DOES MY PRIME MINISTER HAVE CABLE?

Still, I applaud him for his efforts to stay relevant and discuss such issues with his fellow citizens, even if it were an expression of his excitement over the possibility of Singy having a part to play in a Hollywood franchise as big as Star Wars. And he probably also deserves a pat on the back for incorporating that phrase into his post.

Well done, PM Lee. Well done.

If only I were a teeny bit fanatical/crazy. I’d totally send him the original trilogy for Christmas.

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Song of the Day

Holiday, by Poor Moon

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May 8, 2012 · 2 comments

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Before April 30, I had never even heard of shawarma. Now, all I can think about is trying some shawarma.

And I’m not alone. People in the US (Los Angeles, to be precise) are apparently driving up the sale of shawarma by 80%. We have Tony Stark and the Avengers to thank for this. Like it’s any surprise. As I’ve admitted, I’d totally jump on that bandwagon too. It seems fitting, like how you can only eat doughnuts while watching The Simpsons.

While I’m still upset about the international release not being given that extra post-credits scene (I think I’d gladly trade an early release over that scene any day), I’m kinda hoping the shawarma joke doesn’t end here. I see it as a running gag now; one that needs to feature in the remaining Marvel films. Imagine Iron Man 3 opening with Tony and Pepper having some shawarma for takeout. Or seeing Cap running the streets of New York chasing down some villain and we see a shawarma sign on a bus. Honestly, it’s too good a joke to just leave it at that. For one, at my fourth viewing (yes, fourth!) it became extra funny when I finally noticed that “Shawarma” sign in the background as Iron Man fights off the Chitauri, moments before Stark suggested having it at the end. I think such attention to detail makes the post-credits shawarma scene all the more hilarious now, especially since that scene also featured shawarma store employees cleaning up the debris.

Speaking of attention to detail, I saw this post that finally explained to me (No kidding, I wondered about them each time I watched the movie!) the appearance of the two ravens during that Thor/Loki scene. Seriously, Whedon? CLAP. CLAP.

So yes, shawarma. I’m so taken with this word now that I’ve decided to incorporate it into my vernacular, wherein it shall mean “food that is eaten after a long, exhausting day at work”.

I think it’ll catch on. Don’t you? ;)

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Back In Black, by AC/DC


And they Assembled

May 1, 2012 · 1 comment

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It finally happened. :D

Without spoiling anything, I’m gonna attempt to share with you my thoughts on Marvel’s the Avengers, because ever since I first heard of attempts to create said movie, and after watching Iron Man 2 two years ago, my fascination with this band of superheroes has culminated to the point where I get overly giddy with excitement whenever I hear/see/read about anything Avengers-related. So you can imagine the wreck that was me yesterday up until when I finally got to watch the movie.

In five words, the Avengers was “an awesome and thrilling odyssey”.

I am really happy with the amount of screen time that each character was given, and how they became part of the Assembly. Some appeared slightly more pivotal, understandably, but there were enough memorable scenes (and lines) for each of them for every fangirl/boy to be satisfied. The other characters were also given great scenes, although I wouldn’t mind seeing Nick Fury being a little more bad-ass, simply because he is Samuel L. Jackson.

Needless to say, my love for each of the Avengers grew by leaps and bounds throughout the movie. I still walked away a Thor girl who remains completely charmed by Tony Stark (or is it actually RDJ? Hmm…), but I’m now also a Hulk convert, all thanks to the brilliant Mark Ruffalo, who truly played him to perfection. The others were equally amazing, but I’ve just never been big on Cap, and while I loved Hawkeye in the comics, I think I needed to see the Clint Barton backstory.

I’d refused to get any snacks to munch on during the movie because I didn’t want to be distracted. I wanted to listen to every line, catch every easter egg, notice every purposeful twitch. Alas, I’ve not been immersed in the Marvel Universe long enough to know everything so I still had to depend on the chatter on various websites to get me up to speed (especially that mid-credits easter egg).

I’m watching it again today with the buddy, and while you may think twice in less than 24 hours is a bit much, I’m sure you’ll completely understand why it is justified. No? ;)

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