Blanket Fort Party

May 16, 2014 · 1 comment

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I volunteered to babysit this evening and wanted to do something interesting for the kids. It was also the perfect excuse to have some fun and not have anyone judge a 31-year-old for building a blanket fort.

Besides, I was inspired by this:

Blanket Fort

So I did a quick run-through of what I had lying around the house:

Blankets? Check.
Pegs? Check.
Bamboo pole? Check.
Heaps of pillows? Check. Check.

After figuring out the main structure, this was what I came up with:





Hardly pretty. I know. But you know what? My folks actually thought it was cool and most importantly, the kids enjoyed it.

I never imagined that it would feel quite warm in there though. Ah well, at least we lasted about an hour.

  • Dia

    Hahhaha i just read this! So fun!!!!!

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