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That last episode of Community has me incredibly conflicted.

(What? You, like so many other people in this world are not watching Community? You’re not going to understand this post, then.)

I like that the characters are developing, that they’re really coming into their own. But I have always found comfort in the antics that Troy and Abed get in to. For me, it is their immaturity and innocence that has laid the foundation for all the meta-humour on the show. Because we see Greendale through their eyes, we are able to accept the reality of this universe, even though we know plenty of it is highly unlikely in the real world.

We always knew one of them would grow up faster than the other. And we always knew it was going to be Troy. I just didn’t expect to have to pick a side.

Yet, this set-up seems to be heading in the direction of something really good. For that, I’m excited. I’m excited to see how this friendship is going to be tested. I’m excited to see how it will pan out. While I’m confident it will all be okay in the end (I’m sure Community fans wouldn’t have it otherwise), I’m also afraid that the underlying issues will be addressed too abruptly and that everything will be solved by the next episode. I need the tension to play out a bit longer, because this friendship deserves that. Also, it would make the reunion a lot sweeter.

For now, I’m totally on Team Troy.

Also, please watch Community?

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