Treehouse Villas @ Changi

August 6, 2011 · 24 comments

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Know anyone from MINDEF? You may want to make some friends from there now if you’d like to stay in a fancy chalet like no other. ;)

Nessa managed to score a sneak peek at the new Treehouse Villas @ Changi. And people? It is niiiiiiiice. Done up in the style of a typical Balinese resort (alas, sans amenities), we were very impressed with how beautiful and tranquil the place looked. It truly is unlike any other government chalets we’ve ever been to.

I’ll let the rest of the pictures speak for itself. :)

Heading up towards the main lobby (which I forgot to take pictures of)

A sign directing you to the various chalets.

A cosy “resort”.

There’s even a convenience store that opens till 10pm daily.

Welcome to our villa, Cantik 3A.

An in-villa BBQ pit.

Let’s go in now…

Soft lighting and Balinese-inspired decor makes it all look so chic and elegant.

One of two bathrooms in the villa.

They even provide shower caps and basic toiletries.

The main bathroom leads out to the outdoor rain shower!

Ah, bliss!

This second bedroom sleeps three, comfortably.

The master bedroom even has a flat screen TV and an in-villa safe.

And here’s a balcony shared by both bedrooms.

We would’ve preferred it if there was a pool for us to splash around in, and maybe if there was a cafe/bar for guests to chill out at. Also, as much as we loved that there was StarHub cable TV, we were quite bewildered by the fact that there were only two sports channels available, despite the fact that this is a chalet for SAF men. Despite all that, we were very, very impressed by the amount of detail that went into this, and we believe it’s gonna be a hit when it’s launched. Seriously, just look at the place! :p

. . . . .

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  • ally

    Hehe, thanks hun! And I’m not sure if I’m eligible to book this. I’m not MINDEF! :(

  • Nessa

    it was a good good place indeed.
    three thumbs up for the mindef/saf team who worked hard to give us this. :)

  • ally

    Aye, aye! Three thumbs up indeed! Although I’ll need to borrow a thumb for this to be physically possible… Hurhur. :p

  • jeff

    can i know how to book? just need anyone in the army? any website or treehouse villa?

  • ally

    Hey Jeff! I’m not sure if it’s open to just anyone in the army, but it’s definitely open to MINDEF personnel. If you know anyone from MINDEF, you’ll have to ask him/her to check out their intranet page for details. Unfortunately, that’s all the info I have. Hope it’s enough!

  • Michelle


  • ally

    I think so? Sorry, but I’m not from MINDEF so I don’t have any details. :(

  • Christine

    AH THIS IS SO NICE. Can my brother from the NAVY booked this?! I’m not sure if it’s under MINDEF, sadly.

  • ally

    Hi Christine, I’m quite certain the Navy is under MINDEF. You should definitely ask him to find out. :)

  • Faith

    Hi! May i know if i got my friend from MINDEF to book this chalet, must he turn up to check in and out in person? Thank you :)

  • ally

    Hey Faith, I’m afraid I don’t have that information. I don’t work for MINDEF. It was my friend who made the reservation. Sorry I can’t be of more help! :(

  • KimL

    Faith: ur Mindef friend can appoint a proxy for checking in. Just go to site for booking and click on Permit/Proxy. Checkout is anyone can drop off the key cards. cheers.

  • Lam

    woking for MINDEF as in regular issit?

  • Jane

    Does this place equiped with swimming pool ? sigh…any1 in mindef can help to book ?

  • ally

    Hey Jane, no, unfortunately it doesn’t have a pool. There are no facilities other than the convenience store and the barbecue pit at each villa. And yes, I think anyone who works for MINDEF is able to book it for you. :)

  • Chia

    This resort is available for SAF regular only or?

  • ally

    Hi there, from what I know, it’s only open to MINDEF personnel. Whether or not that includes SAF regulars, you’ll have to check with SAF itself. Sorry!

  • Mary


    I’m from MINDEF..

    All Regulars/DXO or DSTA personnel all can book. But based on balloting.
    Result will only be known 3mths before the intended stay… however chances to take not very high :))

  • http://- Yan

    Is this the so called changi chalet is the past wat ppl mentioned?

  • Ethan

    So RSAF Regular can book? Through where?


  • ally

    Hi everyone, I’m really sorry but I’m not able to provide any information with regards to the booking procedure, and other questions you may have about the chalet, as I do not actually work for MINDEF or Treehouse Villas. Please kindly contact MINDEF directly for all your queries. Thanks! :)

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